My Furry Child: Charger: Not just a Dog,  A Lifestyle Choice! See pictures of the pooch that has taken over my life, in all the best ways. Read the story of how he came into our life and witness the sappy spoiling that occurs daily. Tons of pictures to view here.


My Family: My family are all wonderful and creative people with their own websites!

Adrien’s Artwork
Brad’s Blog
Greg’s Interests

My Art Studio: The place where it all happens. Check out pictures of my studio and the artwork that happens there.

My Travels:
2007: I have pictures, and other details from my trip to New York City in March.
2006: ArtFiberFest 2005: My summer Vacation 2005 and pottery with Ruth Allan
2003: Artfest

2 thoughts on “Living

  1. Rachel

    Thanks for the comment! You are doing some awesome things. I don’t know how you manage to have time for everything! I’m definitely inspired.

  2. Mike


    It i s good to see someone else doing collage on glass. Every medium has many approaches… even one that seems ‘unique’. Unique is a strange word. As soon as it is uttered it is like a summons to those who have already done just such a thing…


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