The Educator:

Ms. Gaub teaches many classes in Middle School (6th through 8th) including Visual arts, digital arts and Computer Technology. She loves gardening, creating art and playing with her dog, Charger.

She graduated from The Evergreen State College in 1989, with a Fine Arts Degree with courses covering performance and visual arts such as Film/video, Drawing/painting, Fashion Design along with Small Business Management and Education.

After working in the work or retail, including managing a Seattle Art Gallery, she returned to school in 1999. Graduating from City University a year later with a Master in Teaching, she began her teaching years.

Ms. Gaub taught Drama and English for the Edmonds School District for four years. Her time there included producing several student plays, writing scripts for student performance, and earning grants to support these endeavors.

Currently, she teaches Art, Digital Art and Computer Technology for the Everett School District. Students in Visual Arts explore a variety of mediums in the Teaching For Artistic Behavior Classroom by accessing studios and meeting challenges based on themes and genres. In Digital Art, students explore visual arts mediums that require technology, such as animation, photography, video and podcasting. In Computer Technology, students learn basic computer skills including publishing, research and using the internet safely.

Sharing her knowledge with other educators has been a focus since 2006 when she presented at the Washington State Art Educators Art Conference with a workshop of Digital Art Projects using Photoshop. She went on to present the same at the National Conference in NYC in 2007. She returned to present again in Washington on Podcasting in the Classroom. Teaching for the district’s professional development department she has taught over 100 district teachers how to use podcasting with students. In 2008, she added classes in video.

Ms. Gaub writes and recieves grants for her classroom on the district and state level.

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THE ARTIST: Since 1994, Cynthia has been showing artwork in the galleries and cafes of the Seattle Area. 

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  • The Geek: Over the years of creating my own spot in the world wide web, I have familiarized myself with a number of web programs and services. I have created sites for my friends and family. I am more than happy to give advice or start you on your way to your own web world. Feel free e-mail me with questions about web design. Note that many of these sites are now being managed by other users. Programs I have used to create or add content to sites include straight HTML, Dreamweaver, Everett SD Content Management System, Net Objects, Gallery, Picasa, Yahoo Page Builder and Flash. 

    Here are some examples of my web work.

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