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Another digital mandala for ArtSoMoFo.

Do you ever make something that you don’t like, but still post or share it? I have many pieces that I don’t care for, but I always hope that someone else will see something that I don’t. What do you think of this one? What do you notice? Does it grab you or speak to you? I played with it changing it over and over again, but it is still not meeting my vision.

I haven’t been feeling good, a sinus infection has been dragging on for over a month. It is hard to feel the spark and energy to create when health issues add their toll to regular daily life. I had high expectations of making a new mandala every day for the month. I do love to work in a series with a theme, color or other commonalities.

Something This Way…

I love Halloween and perhaps I even like Fall. Actually, I do love the smell of fall leaves, wood burning stoves filling the crisp air and the colors of bright reds and oranges that fill the trees and skies. But I hate the dark, cold and wet, which is what fall mostly is around here. I have always loved Halloween because I love making costumes, becoming someone else for a short time. I love dark stories and poems. Like Poe and King NOT Saw and chop them up type movies.

This Fall has been a roller coaster of ups and downs for me… The teaching has been going so well, but physically I have been suffering from an endless cold for almost a month now. It has been hard with the increasing bad weather to get in the needed├é┬áhealthy exercise and nutrition (don’t you just crave those comfort foods that are oh so bad for you when its cold?)

What is your favorite season? What do you like about Fall?

Today’s Mandala is about Fall. Photos are some creative commons photos (one, two) altered in Adobe Photoshop Elements along with some of my own. I have a really simple mandala tutorial that my students use to create this type of digital art. If you are interested in giving it a try yourself. be sure to share the results!

ArtSoMoFo October 2008

These are my first couple arts for this year’s challenge of making some art everyday for the month of October. These are just some quick examples I was doing for students in class as I showed them how to use Photoshop. But I pretty much make art everyday at school, so I might as well show it off here too.




Although the above were made at school as examples… this one was made at home. The girl in the center is from a photo shoot I did in the early 90’s when I was actually still developing my own film and printing my own photos. The other images are from a great photo sharing flickr group that posts images to be used in collage.