Artist Statement

I have a not so secret passion for paper. I haunt the office supply stores to see the orderly stacks of every kind of basic business paper. But this is never enough, gift wrap, tissue, books, maps, ticket stubs and packaging. It always finds its way into my home.

It started with magazines, the glossy images begged me to rip them apart. Once I started ripping I couldn’t stop. I began to see myself as painting with the paper. The texture and dimensions are as important as the colors. More often than not, I will tear the paper with my finger rather than use any one of the hundreds of pairs of scissors that clutter my desk.

Somewhere along the way, fabric intervened. The paper is still a passion, but now the fabric has begun to pile up as well. I don’t usually think of myself as a pack rat but when I look at my stashes, I wonder. I imagine it came from my mother, who had a saying, “She who dies with the most fabric win.” I’m not sure what the prize is, but I am in the running.

Be it paper or fabric, on glass or in books, my work is always about my journey through life. Early pieces show a struggle with sexuality, relationships and matters of the body and heart. When asked to describe the inner workings of these pieces I would say, “My collage and mixed media work is a perspective of the female form, by a female. By reducing existing images to an elemental point, the resultant collages are sensual and colorful constructs that suggest redefinition of the cultural views of women. My work continues to be an exploration of my own femininity and my place in the world.”

Later my work reflected my spiritual questions and searching. As I become more settled into my adulthood, my work turns to understanding the more subtle aspects of personality and choices in life.

I know that my work will change and grow on this journey of mine, but I believe a style of strong lines and bold colors will weave its way though all of the pieces.