Walk on This?

Floor Cloth

My final day of ArtFest 2008 was Judy Wise’s floor cloth class. It was not a first choice (I wanted the waxy layers one).  I was pretty envious of what I saw coming out of some of the classes that had been my top choices. Plus the room was tiny and therefore SO crowded that it was just uncomfortable. Here we were painting large canvases and the table space we each had was barely the size of our canvas. We had to watch out for paints and elbows, while storing most of our supplies on the floor. I held my paint palette in my hand most of the time, which was tiring, something I am not used to at all. Despite what could have been a horribly bad day… I got into the right head space, adapted for my needs in order to enjoy the time to paint. Of course I injected collage elements… it is impossible for paper to stay OUT of my work.

Judy went over some hints about prepping your canvas to be a floor cloth. She gave out a lovely color pamphlet and showed us a bunch of her canvases. Then we got right to work. I know I was tired and overstimulated at this point in the retreat, but I don’t feel that I really learned anything new in this class.  I only spent a few hours on this before it felt finished, and I was FINISHED. I cleaned up early and went back to nap. Since I haven’t painted in this size before, I was actually impressed with my final project. This piece started my ideas for my current series about journeys.

I won’t be walking on this! I do have a bunch of unstretched canvas that might someday become a floor cloth. For now this one will be named “Girl Traveller

2 thoughts on “Walk on This?

  1. barbara

    You commented on my teacher collage and I appreciate the empathy. I’m not sure how you found my blog! But I have often read and followed links within your sites. You knock my socks off with your technology knowledge and how you make the kids work and learn. I admire you!
    I have thought that maybe you are two people with the amount of work you put out. How do you DO it!!!!
    and my own work is

  2. barbara

    It’s me again… How were you able to upload the pivot short “films”?

    I was using
    Blogger and it did not accept that file type.
    I did see your verbs a little bit ago and was very impressed- great job. I’ll look again.

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