Why Windows

For over 10 years I have been creating this unique form of collage. It all started when I wanted to make a really big (4’ x 4’) collage, but when I went to the frame shop, my jaw dropped at the expense. I decided I would come up with an alternative way to frame it. A friend had an old window frame sitting on the side of the house that happened to fit perfectly! The rest as they say is history.

People saw my work and offered me their old windows, I found them at garage sales and dumps. My favorite part of working on windows, is the stain glass effect they have when light is cast behind them. Because of this I have really become more and more fascinated by stain glass.

Over the years my work and identity as an artist has solidified to what I believe is a cohesive body of work and a definitive style. My collage and mixed media work is a perspective of the female form, by a female. By reducing existing images to an elemental point, the resultant collages are sensual and colorful constructs that suggest redefinition of the cultural views of women. My work continues to be an exploration of my own femininity and my place in the world.

Sometimes I like to think I am painting with paper. My pieces end up as combinations of found images, handmade papers and my own philosophy. The textures and dimensions achieved by multiple layers of paper are as important to me as color. Because texture is a dominant feature, I tear rather than cut. On some pieces, I have physically separated layers of the image to create more depth.

Thank you for looking at my work, I hope you enjoy my style and perspective.