2000: Heads Of State

 The  Eyeland of Exoticia goes Super Highway

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This year I began using a computer and a scanner to take my other original artwork and turn them into stamp pieces.

Basically, you can see the original pieces in the gallery of this site. I took the virtues and focused the stamp area around the head of the image. The rest of the original piece becomes the selvage of a souvenir style stamp. My plan was to do a stamp version of the entire series of deadly sins and virtues. This project is still in process. Many of the sheets are completed except for perforating. You will notice on the finished ones that the perforation is only around the stamp itself, it does not cut across the selvage area. This type of perforating is very delicate and time consuming to produce.

The Virtuous Heads of State stamps are all about “Bringing” that virtue to the Eyeland of Exoticia. The Eyeland, after many years of moral abandonment, is seeking to reclaim the virtue originally inherent in the Eyeland. The Queen suggested this special campaign on the Eyeland. The governmental officials along with events planners and artists designed a year long celebration to “bring back the virtue” This event has had some difficultly in being fully realized due to the corruption that was rampant among the government at the time. The monies meant to fund the celebration instead funded one sneaky individual to take a trip to Bali. All of the guilty parties have been ferreted out and sent on a slow boat to China. The event’s planning has been re-built but an official date has yet to be set.