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Quirks? I think I am somewhat boringly normal so not sure if these will count…

April 2008

1) I can’t really sleep without Charger snuggling with me. He loves to snuggle, but is having a harder time getting up on the bed, so sometimes I snuggle with him on the floor for a little bit.

2) I read several books at a time, mostly young adult fiction with a few art related non-fiction and an occasional adult Scifi in the mix. So the stack of books by my bed is often quite tall.

3) I almost always sleep with ear plugs. Not that my sleeping partners or neighborhood are terribly loud, but they do snore and I am a light sleeper. So I always take them with me when I go on trips too. But I always seem to take them out at some point in the middle of the night, unknowingly and in my sleep. So when I wake up, I have to rescue them from the cats, who think they are toys.

4) I recently organized the books on my bookshelf by color. It looks really pretty.

5) My legs are so short that they don’t reach the ground when I sit in a chair. SO I almost always sit with my feet tucked up or crisscross on the chair. This is probably not good for my posture.

6) I am not usually a big meme/quiz/blog-game person. But will play is tagged.

I will tag

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  1. cynjon

    I’m with you on #2…there’s always a pile next to the bed! (and as much as I stay in hotels, I SHOULD be with you on #3 as well!)

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