Message In A Bottle

Message in a Bottle is a Mail art project started by Lisa Vollrath. These pictures are some of the fun goodies I have recieved in my bottles. I got a new bottle today from Corrine with some great handmade papers.

The project is no longer accepting sign-ups at Lisa’s Site (due to people not following directions.) BUT as the directions say, check the blogs of current participants to get included in the project. I am ready for 4 new addresses to add to my next round of bottles.

How do you play? If you send me your address via EMAIL (shebaduhkitty at yahoo dot com) then I will add your address to my out going bottles. This will result in you recieving a bottle from the next person. This will then GROW by two bottles for every bottle that you send out, so BE PREPARED! You need to be able to make cool little items of art, and add some extra fun art supplies and then pay up to $2 per bottle at the post office for EACH Bottle. Coming up, some pictures of my outgoing bottles.