Beaded Journal Project September 2008


So this is the first of my 12 alter/door style journal pages. I am still up in the air as to how I am going to finish/back them. If I will do the sculptural approach in which case I will need to do more work on this one.

So I am a teacher, a middle school art teacher. September always means fresh starts, new kids, new lessons. I like endings, but more I like fresh starts. that is why September is one of my favorite months EVER. perhaps this was wired into me at an early age, since we moved every 2-3 years and I had to start over, make new friends. I always thought I would reinvent myself and start over. becoming the me that for some reason I had not been in the place before. We always moved in the summer with September being that moment of the fresh beginning…

This piece is 11″W x 8″H at the peaks. It is made from a ‘novelty’ fabric (one with the teachers, combined with a separate one of the flowers and edged with a third of the measuringtape. I included the tape because I have been working hard and lost 13 pounds over the summer. Plus it looks like a school type thing.

The ‘crazy’ art teacher has red hair (like me) and I added a fuzzy yarn to give it dimension. She also wears funky shoes, apron and glasses…like me too now (the glasses are new)


Now to go figure out October’s page….

PS I would LOVE to hear feedback, as I am pretty much new to the beading thing…

12 thoughts on “Beaded Journal Project September 2008

  1. SueU

    Great page, fabric fits with the theme and your beading is just the right touch. I’m sure the shape of your page will lead to an interesting finishing technique too.

  2. Krispi

    This is a fun piece! I love the teacher with the wild hair and an attitude! The combination of fabrics and motifs are whimsical! I love the shape that can be a door, an altar or a shrine. How perfect…. have you done anything to the back so that you could conceivably “close” the doors? Just a thought… but lots more work! Nice job!

  3. Sue

    This page is so much fun and says a great deal. It has to be one of my favorites. I want to be in your art class! I like your use of the beads and colors.

  4. enchy

    It’s great Sheba – bright and fun. It really portrays how excited you are about the beginning of the school year.

  5. Brenda

    What an awesome and creative piece. So much detail and work, but so much art. You are well on your way. The back treatment will come.

  6. Robin A.

    You may be new to beading, but collage and art are definitely no strangers to you… your beading nicely compliments your art… not too much, not too little, not contrived. Yay! You did it!!!! Robin A.

  7. Timaree (freebird)

    I think this is a very cool page about celebrating who you are. Perfect timing too as you say September means new starts and how you use to try to be the “new” you in a new place. I think you are off to a very good BJP year. There are so many ways to do bead embroidery. Yours is obviously right for you seeing what you made out of it.

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