Gallery Opening January 2008

What a great way to start the new year! I was amazed at how packed the gallery was and how many people we doing gallery walk. It was pouring down rain and traffic getting there was pretty scary with many violent accidents on the side of the road. But Josh and I arrived in one piece, found some free parking only 5 blocks away and headed over to the gallery.

Arriving damp but excited, I found the owner and let him know I was there, then search for my art and someone that I might know. Found the art. He select 4 great pieces including GREED my all time favorite. We tried to eavesdrop on people talking about my art, but I wasn’t brave enough to introduce myself to these interested strangers. People were interested and interesting!

We checked out all the artist loft studios above the gallery. Six floors of great little hidden spaces, many with interesting, beautiful, weird, and some ugly art. Josh was amazed at all of it. He was wearing his cool new top hat and fitting in well with the funky artist look.

Josh had a good time looking at and critiquing the art. I think he was also inspired. Overall, I was very impressed with the gallery and had fun! But I wish the owner had introduced me to some people… or had run into some people that I know!

Now I need to make some new art for the February show and cross my fingers that some thing sell!

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