Joggles Class Quilt #2

quilt2 spirals

Our second assignment in the Joggles Class, Art Quilt Explorations with Jane LaFazio, is to make a Molas inspired felt quiltie. I haven’t really done much with felt in my own art. Seems like a grade school type medium. Although I have to admit that I LOVE Gwen LeBlanc’s felt creations. So I was pleasantly surprised at how fun and easy a mini felt quilt was to create.

After cutting out and placing the felt pieces in my studio, I went down to the living room to stitch. I finally had a great medium to try out some of the stitches in Sharon B’s Stitch Dictionary. So I went through alphabetically until I found a stitch that both looked easy enough and looked like it would fit my spirals. I used the Threaded Back Stitchin between my blue felt spiral, with blue and white floss. Then I used the Chain butterfly stitchon one of my spirals with blue and yellow floss. Sewing with embroidery floss on felt is so easy these stitches were a cinch. Of course it helps that Sharon has step-by-step with pictures!

I also discovered that my local library now has free downloadable audio books. So I have been listening to Inkheart while stitching! Much better than having on the endless news or other TV garbage as background.

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