Beaded Journal Pages

I am beginning to finish up some of the backs of my pages, while still working on new ones. I have ironed on some backing fabric with a stiff no-sew double-sided  interfacing and a back ribbon in the same way. This helps the pages to stand up. In my prototypes I sewed in some card stock, but I really didn’t like how that worked out. (too stiff)

Beaded Journal Project first 3 months ~closed~

I wrote up a little paragraph describing the feelings, reasons and thoughts behind each page. I printed the paragraphs onto some t-shirt transfers and then ironed on to white fabric. I can’t iron on these to my backing fabric because of the transfer surface and I can’t sew them on with the machine because of all the beads of course. So for now I am gluing them on with some tacky glue. (Wishing I had some of that great fabric glue)

Beaded Journal Project first 3 months ~backs~

So now I am trying to decide if I add the paint brushes to the fold points as stands (like in my prototype) or if the interfacing will be enough to help them stand, or if I even want them to stand. I like them each separately more than together.

BJP Finished September 2008

Written on back

~September 2008~
Back to School
This month is about fresh starts. New school supplies, Back to school clothes, new ideas for lesson plans and a fresh group of kids. A sense of excitement and refreshment after a long break. But ready to get back in the swing of things. Ready to learn, ready to share, ready to teach, I am an art teacher and
Ready to Reach

BJP Finished October 2008

Written on back

~October 2008~
El Día de los Muertos
Halloween has always been a favorite holiday of mine. Throughout the years I have made many costumes, some simple some more elaborate. All with the desire to be someone else for a brief time. Now that I garden, and live in a more Hispanic area, Day of the Dead has a little more influence. I celebrate the end of the growing season. The little deaths in my life that will make way for new things to grow in the coming year. I love the imagery of this holiday and its spirit for honoring and remembering those that have passed on.
Remember the Dead

BJP Finished November 2008

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~November 2008~
We adopted our dog in November, so this will always mark his “birthday” and entry into our family. He is one of the very best things in my life. I never knew you could love a dog so much. I love him more and more every year. He is often my muse, a friend to play with, someone who always listens to my stories, frequently my pillow and always
My Furry Child

BJP WIP December 2008

I need to finish the backing for this one, but the beading, I have decided, is done! I was going to add more, but I realized that I wanted the page to be simple and quiet with an essence of snow and cold.
Written on back

~December 2008~
December can be a hellishly hectic time of year. I used to work retail management and this was the most stressful time of year without a doubt. Now I get a break. This year it was a break filled with record breaking snow, impassible roads, and hours to snuggle in the quiet warmth of the house. All parties and gatherings were cancelled for safety. Most people probably don’t realize the introvert that lives inside of me. Parties are stressful and lots of work for me on a mental and emotional level. This low key, stay at home, forced seclusion was a
Winter Wonderland

BJP WIP January 2009

This one is January’s page… still a work in progress. I just want to finish the other brown butterfly and the left blue spiral. This page is about new beginnings. January is a big month for goal setting and resolutions. Butterflies are a great symbol of rebirth. Spirals are a symbol of life. So this page is about making a commitment to myself to continue in my self-improvement and fitness. I haven’t written my paragraph for this one quite yet. But it will be something similar to the above. This one also still needs to have a backing finishing, after the beading is done.

BJP WIP February 2009
This one is February’s page… still a work in progress.  This page was inspired by the landscape assignment in my Joggles mini art quilt class. Purple is my favorite color and I wanted to make a landscape that was based on a winter sunset. The heart fabric was completely accidental.  I am not a huge Valentine’s Day person so I was not trying to be sappy. Then I saw a great bead that my friend Pam created and I knew it was perfect for the focal piece. This one is more like January’s page, more abstract. While the other months so far have had a printed image that I have beaded on or around. It has been fun to bead in a less directed way, but it is harder to know when I am done.  This one also still needs to have a backing finishing, after the beading is done.

I guess it is about time to move on to March!

11 thoughts on “Beaded Journal Pages

  1. Robin A.

    I guess I shouldn’t be so stunned and awed by your work… after all you ARE an art teacher… But, holy cow, woman… this is incredible, fun, exciting, stimulating, compelling… and even beautiful. I love the shape, the way they open, the descriptions you’ve written to go with them… and your photography’s pretty darn good too. I see that you have other pictures on Flickr… I’m off to take a look at those when I finish this comment. Couple of questions.. Ok to answer in your comments to this post… I’ll check back. 1. How big are these pieces? 2. Have you shown them to your students? 3. Have you used the concepts of the BJP with your students in any way? Thanks! Robin A.

  2. Brenda

    I love the shapes, the way they open, the comments on the back, simply stunning!
    My favorite has to be the one for Charger. Last month I did a page for my dog also. It is amazing the love we have for them, I think that is one of the reasons they are here to teach us how to love that much.
    I can’t wait to see your next month’s page!

  3. diana wolf

    Holy Moly.
    these are gorgeous sheba!
    Glad I took the time to visit.
    I came over to check on your live journal to get an idea of what you are creating and see some eye candy- wow, did I get it.
    just gorgeous.
    maybe I’ll start creating again soon.
    hope so.
    Get ready for a big package of goodies.

    OH- by the way, you look amazing- I love the haircut and I want that red hair.

  4. pam T

    Absolutely gorgeous, inspiring and WOW. you have an incredible gift. Thanks for sharing all your stories!

  5. heidibeads

    Wow! these are great. I wish I had thought of doing this. I want to see them up close and in person and touch them and really be able to examine them carefully. Wow.

  6. CC

    I remember one of my art teachers telling me that “concept is King”…and you really prove it with your work! You had a great concept & are executing it beautifully! Congratulations on such great work!
    Warmest aloha,

  7. Susan

    I agree with you that I like your monthly pages to be separate — I love the idea of having them closed with the ribbon, story on the back and then you open them for the “big reveal” — they’re like mini story books to me and that’s very appealing — they seem more like the individual treasures that they are…I don’t plan to display mine together as a group because I don’t the overall effect will do justice to my individual thoughts for the different months. Can’t wait to see what you’ve done at ArtFEst

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