My House through the years

The Newest Color of Paint

The NEW purples

and a side view. I LOVE driving up the block to see this 🙂


A horrible in-between with purple and green still needing to be painted over, this was during the painting contract from Hell.

Purple House 2007

The Purple and Blue when it was finally horribly done. (The paint contractor basically did a bad job then walked out before it was done and disappeared!)

Purple and Blue 2007

Original Colors when I bought it, with the old chain link fence too.

Original House Colors

and a side view

Original House Colors

3 thoughts on “My House through the years

  1. jane eileen

    Hey! I got your email about the Project Runway idea. What are the details? What size doll are we talking about? I am crazy busy (also a teacher) so I am not sure if I can play along or not, but even if I don’t, I would love to have access to the pictures of what all everyone who does play makes. Blog anyone?

  2. jane eileen

    Keep me in the loop for Project Runway, please. I have an American Doll girl. I might get her hair cut for the event. Can you send me your email? I keep getting a no reply address when you write. By the way, if you looked the word athlete up in a thesaurus, my name would be with the antonyms unless you call jogging to the frig and stretching to the back athletics.

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