Studio Art Quilt Association

This group looks pretty interesting and is currently having their annual auction. The 12″x12″ quilts up for auction are amazing!

SAQA Benefit Auction 2009 One Foot Squares

There are members from all over the world and quilts that range from abstract to portrait. I thought that with all the blogs that I read and art quilting books I collect, that I would recognize many more artists, but it appears that only Terri Stegmiller  (whose blog link  got me here in the first place) is the only artist I recognize.

I will look forward to going back in September and perhaps placing some bids, and even joining the group. I have seen a lot of different quilting groups and organizations, but not one so clearly connected to art quilts, rather than traditional quilts.

One thought on “Studio Art Quilt Association

  1. Laura Krasinski

    I just took a look at these and they are really cool…By the way…how are you? I haven’t seen you for awhile… I will have to bookmark your blog…

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