Bravo’s Work of Art

If you haven’t heard, Bravo channel came out with a new show about artists. It is like project runway (or any of those other reality competition shows) but for artists. I had to watch it because I know a couple of people that actually auditioned for it. (but they didn’t get on the show.)

 So far they have had to make a self-portrait, then had to partner up and do a a portrait of another player, then a book cover and most recently SHOCKING artwork. It is a fun and interesting show, of course because of the artist personalities. But it is also very interesting to see each artist go through their process. It is a grown-up version of what I picture as an ideal TAB studio. People to help each other and feed off each other. Everyone is doing their own media and meeting the theme in their own way.

The judges are very…um… ok not sure how to put it, but I don’t see a lot of value in their background. I would have liked some different types of judges. The host grew up in a rich art collector’s home and that is her credential. she is just a pretty face. A gallery owner of course is an appropriate judge. I think I would have liked to see maybe an art historian or a masters level art professor. I do like the guy that is their helper/advisor. He seems classy and so far helpful.

Has anyone else watched it? What do you think?

Anyone making their own art this summer? I am challenging myself this summer… join me or follow along if you like!