Craft Demon

Fabrica the scrappy fabric demon

Fabrica the scrappy fabric demon

One of the assignments for the Craft Cleanse Class is to draw out our craft demon.

Your mission today, should you choose to accept it, is to silence your inner demon by giving it a face. Put your inner demon on paper. You can sketch, paint, collage, or just write about whatever it is inside you that drives you to keep on buying things you don’t really need. Journal it out!

I decided right away that she needed to be a fabric doll, not a journal page. But I wasn’t ready to make her until I got the fabric area of the studio organized.

I finally made my craft demon. She is a messy little girl. She has crazy eyes that are mostly hidden by her scrappy fur made of shreaded scrap fabric. They prevent her from making good choices at the fabric store. If it is on sale it is a good fabric. She strangely likes girly fabrics, (even though I don’t) and buys them even when she has no projects for them. She has velcro hands that pick up everything. She seems to think that grab bags of fabric at the thrift store are potential treasure chests. She never puts away her supplies, she throws garbage, thread and junk on the floor. Her name is Fabrica.

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