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1994: Silly About Selvage

The Joys and Expense of Color Copying to Silly About Selvage

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My first year of stamp creation was well documented by Dominique of Bug Post, who at the  time was writing a definitive guide to Artistamps. This catalogue was written in the style of traditional philatelic stamp catalogues.

BUT then came the  many years following the publication of this catalogue, where I did not have the  same incentive to keep track of the when’s, where’s and how’s of my work. So as I create THIS gathering of my work and it’s history, I am doing a lot of guesswork.

Around this time I began to sign and number the sheets. This adds authenticity to the work as well as providing the details and proof of the limited edition nature of the work. The fewer copies produced of an edition, the  more rare and possibly then, more valuable the sheet.

Due to their limited production, these stamps are very rare!