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2001: MORP

Scan’t Imagine the Possibilities

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This year I purchased my first scanner. I have been incorporating many different modes of artistic expression in my current stamps. The scanner and accompanying Photoshop software  has opened up new possibilities for my work. It has also been a lot of fun.

I have also been active in an online artistamp group. It has been rewarding and inspiring to share work with these artists. Many are total newcomers who frequently ask advise of the ‘old sages’. I offer my thought and  opinions. More often that not, I am rewarded with a stamp in the mail that is so fresh and new that it takes my breath away. We talk of techniques, we share our lives and we weave our imaginary worlds together. It has been great fun! Several  of the stamps created this year were for special calls or themes put forth by this group.

I am pleased to be the first featured artist on one of the  web sites that has grown up out of this group of savvy and computer- literate  artists. You can view this article on line at artistamp 101.

I have begun to have perforator envy. Many people in the group have acquired perforators in online auctions. These antiques are large, heavy and hard to come by. But my one-bedroom apartment is not able to accommodate such a monstrous tool.