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Art/Not Terminal and Art Communities

(photo from my first solo show at A/NT in 1994…
girl in red dress in the center is me.)

This funky artist run gallery gave me my start in the art world. It was the first place I showed my work and the first place I sold work, even my first solo show. It continues to amaze me that it is still running. I know if I lived closer I would still participate. I was treasurer and even president of the board for a few years. I was also the gallery zine editor and publisher for a few years. It was and is still a great community that is eclectic and supportive of newcomers. It rarely gets any press so I was excited to hear that it got some nice props from the Seattle PI this week.. even if it is just in their blog. (after all blogs really are where the real news is these days.)

Artist communities are a great way to get support. These days there are many online communities (like EBSQ) but they can never completely take the place of face to face communities. My friend Amy participates in one closer to me… one in which I keep telling myself that I need to get involved.

In what artist communities do you participate? Online or face to face, which do you prefer?