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Actionable Items

With my desire to make SMART goals this year, I have been hunting the net for tips and tools for setting goals that fit these parameters. In January’s EBSQ Zine, Amie discusses the topic of resolutions, goals and plans for the new year and she shares a list of questions to ask yourself that she found on ArtBiz Coach. Here are a few that I feel I can tackle.

What will you do to amplify your online presence? I have had an online presence since 1999, but I can’t say that I have much of a following… So my Actional Items to improve my online presence include:

  • Updating my art blog (with images) at least twice a week. Including articles that cross reference othe blogs and artists that I admire.
  • Participate in my online groups and forums more often by making weekly posts that are interactive with the members.
  • Visiting and commenting on other art blogs that I find inspiring.

What seminars/workshops/lectures will you attend?

What galleries, exhibits, or other venues will you submit your art to?

Questions I still want to consider…

  • What is the single thing you can do in 2008 that will move your career ahead the fastest?
  • How will you improve your studio habits?

(more at ArtBizCoach.com)