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Personal Imagery


My larger work consists mainly of nude women. But within each is a collage of images and textures. WORDS, text, lettering and numbers are always within a layer or area of my work. I have drawers of book pages in many different languages.


Even when I moved to fabric for my artwork, I continued to find, collect and use fabrics with printed text. Although being able to read the text is not key, I want there to be that attempt. An interaction or even a conversation between me and the viewer. One of my older pieces even has shreds of actual journal pages and love letters as the background.

In addition to text, I see SPIRALS and Butterflies commonly make an appearance in my work. Both speak to me of movement, flight, dance and beauty. Looking at some of my smaller ATCs (not made for a specific theme) I tend to notice flames and flowers used as crowns and more butterfly wings. The cycle of life and death being ever present, perhaps.

I have noticed rulers making an appearance lately, and wondering if it is strictly related to sewing. (As sewing patterns also are often used as backgrounds) or if a deeper meaning of needing to “measure up” to something, or insecurities about my size, may be behind their inclusion in my work.

 Eye Dream of Love

I have done a number of pieces that are focused on eyeballs! Which is am sure is simply because I am a visual artist! (ha!) well, I am a visual learner too…

So I hope you have enjoyed my little trip through my personal imagery. If you notice a pattern that I have missed, please point it out! it is amazing what I learn about my own art from other people!

Guiding Word

4422Still on my hunt for tips and tricks for setting SMART Goals I ran across Christine’s Blog. There are SO many wonderful and creative people out there, it is hard not to spend the whole day on the computer exploring… So anyway, she suggests a GUIDING WORD to be an alternative to resolutions. She has done this and blogged about it for a few years and I really like the idea. Here are a few of the words from her list that are grabbing me… but I will need to ponder and settle on one for the year that fits my other goals and plans as well as my overall direction.

Growth: this can cover a lot of areas… and I strive to always grow and be open to growth… but this word really was a great focus for me a few years ago when I returned to school for my masters and did a lot of mental health healing. Not that I can’t use a word just because it was a past focus, but I think I am not in this part of my life cycle right now.  

Health: This one fits my fitness goals but doesn’t really cover any of my other ones.

Action: This one could address my fitness goals and my art ones as well… so I am leaning towards it.

Adventure: My life has become so settled and kinda in a rut…so I feel like I want some adventure but I think I am too comfortable to really use it as a focus word.

Discipline: This word is a tough one for me… something I really need more of but something I hate! It has a real negative connotation in my mind, so I hesitate to use it, but If I could wrap my mind around the positive aspects and really focus on it in every area of my life it could be a good thing.

Artfulness or Creativity: I think these are such a part of my life and person that I don’t need the word to drive my actions anymore.

One word that she didn’t list that popped into my head right away is Interact. I really want to participate in art groups (both live and online) as well as my teacher community more. Plus join some fitness events, and generally get-out-more! not be such a homebody… I think this word might be in the top three of possibilities.