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So my dogs are still trying to figure out what they think about me working in my new studio space. Right now it is just a desk in the corner and all my house painting junk around me. Here they are at my feet waiting for me to get up and play with them instead of make art.


This page took me 3 daily sessions to finish. First day I used water soluable pastels to make a background. It was really wet and needed to dry. I tried to use my new heat gun, but I felt like it was crumpling the page too much and I got bored. Next day, I added the collage elements. I decided I wanted them to be gears. I used my phone to look up images and my PITT pens to turn the circles into gears.  After I found a quote that I liked, I added the clock and time collage elements to tie it together. The quote says, “We all have a time machine. Some take us back, those are called memories, some take us forward, those are called dreams.”


In my moleskin journal that I am using, I always skip pages in between… Mostly because the paper is kinda thin… But then I use the inbetween pages to write about my process. I have been recording the date and place where I made the page. (A lot of my summer pages were in the garden.) Then I record my process and the meaning of the page. I hope to share this journal with my students, so they can see how I, as an artist, work. Plus since I am exploring new materials as I try to do a daily practice of visual journalling, I want to record my materials and how I use them. I know a lot of other visual journalists write all that stuff within the art page… But I prefer a cleaner look.




Our theme for school this year is Kindness, and a recent Journal 52 prompt was the same. So perfect for a new page in my journal.

I started with some collage, then acrylic paint wash over that. This dried overnight. I drew a little sketch of 2 people hugging to add and then included a fun quote. This was a 2 day page for my daily September Art Challenge.

September Art Challenge


My new SAL (School for Art Leaders) Leadership Experiment is to work on art for at least 15 minutes per day for the month of September. This goal/experiment is inspired by my friend Keri, who wanted people to make art with her for the month. She is bed-ridden with a broken butt and can’t do her usual large paintings. So she is journal sketching for the month.

I didn’t finish my studio remodel project by the end of summer as planned, but things are done enough that I have a little art desk in the corner of the room. I have been taking some time before and/or after work to work on journal prompts from Journal 52.

I will try to keep updated with the new pages and projects here.

The page here is for the Journal 52 prompt of “plans.” Since it is the beginning of the school year, I am very busy with making plans. While this page is a little less “pretty” than my usual journal pages, it does capture what my life is like right now with all the calendars, lists, forms and other things that make up the start of the year.