Aug 16

Playing Favorites: Picture Perfect

Seth at The Altered Page will be going LIVE with his next round of questions with The PULSE this coming Monday. As he prepares for a month of Q & A with 80-plus artists (and counting) I am taking a walk down memory lane. Next on the list is Picture Perfect.

I have been taking photos since my early days as a kid travelling though Europe. Dad was a dark room enthusiast and shared his passion. Before college I often found his passion to be a burden, when he forced us to stand in front of every statue, windmill and geyser in the world!


(Photo by my dad of the Family at Yellowstone park circa 1970’s)

But then I took photography, learned darkroom processing and the joys of taking pictures. Later I finally got my hands on a digital camera so the cost and time of taking/ processing pictures went down dramatically. I love taking pictures… admittedly most of them of my dog or my art.

Ever since I bought my first digital camera, I have taken many opportunities to go on Photo Walks. Sometimes by myself, but more often with my dog and occassionally with friends. I prefer to look at things close to the ground, often setting my camera on the ground to take the shot. I love to look for patterns and textures.

Up Close and Personal This one recieved an award at EBSQ


This photo has not been altered nor cropped.

Aug 9

Thank You Patrons!

Jesus Christ Pose won Patron’s Mention in the EBSQ RIPPED Show this month.

Thank you for the votes! I am honored.

Feb 9

Thanks! Patron’s Choice

My 4-Collage calendar won Patron’s Choice Award in the EBSQ show. Thanks to everyone that voted!

Side view with all the fun layers

Dec 27

EBSQ Honors and Awards 2007

AOTD October 2007 Mask of the Middle Schoolers
Members Mention Award: The Urban Street: Photographs from Town: January 2007
Up Close and Personal…Sewer

Dec 27

EBSQ Honors and Awards 2006

AOTD May 2006 Mona Lisa Smile
AOTD June 2006
Mini Raku Bowl
Juror’s Mention Award: Works of Steinbeck: April 2006 Tell about the rabbits, George Patron’s Mention Award: Much Ado about Shakespeare: February 2006 Shakespeare
Juror’s Mention Award: Bodice Ripper: February 2006
Rape is NOT Romance

Dec 27

EBSQ Honors and Awards 2005

AOTD February 2005 Thorn in my Side
AOTD October 2005
Patron’s Mention Award: Better Late than Never 2005: December 2005 Delilah

Dec 27

EBSQ Honors and Awards 2004

AOTD April 2004 Uncommon Purse
Juror’s Choice Award: Fallen from Grace: May 2004 Sloth