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Playing Favorites: the library

The Library, originally uploaded by v_stamey. The library I WISH I had….

Next to faces, I think words or text in art is one of my favorite subject. But I think that is for another entry, this is about BOOKS! which is just as good. I love books! I love reading them, collecting them, altering them and making them. I have taken classes on book binding, participated in Altered Book round robins and tip-in swaps. I have even taught and shared the art of altered books with my students. I dream of having a house where I have a room that is JUST for books. I picture it as one of those turret round multi-story rooms with a ladder to reach higher levels of books.

So anyways… here is my pick for Seth’s Playing Favorites: the library.


This is a mixed media book that I made inspired by DJ Pettitt. I bought a kit from her that included some images, transparent and white papers and fabrics along with a mini instruction booklet on how to do image transfers. I was later able to take a class from her at ArtFiber Fest in 2006.

As much as I love to make paper books, I am more interested now in making fabric books and journals. You are sure to see some of these in the near future!

Playing Favorites: face to face

Continuing Seth’s game of selecting and describing our favorite creations, we come to the face to face catagory. Showing work in a variety of mediums, the thing they all have in common is the subject of a face. Picking a favorite will be tough for me, as I have done many faces, both in fabric and paper. In fact, I did an entire series called, “Saving Face


Inspiration/ Meaning: These pieces were created as part of the Saving Face series. I wanted to focus on the personality and emotional expression of the face. This piece was made as I struggled with removing personal drama from my life.
Creation: Mixed Media Paper & Glass Collage; This piece was created with layers of handmade papers, sewing patterns, and book pages applied to glass. Created in 2002.
Size: 39” H x 29” W including window frame

This one is called, “The Drama Queen” actually I think it originally had a longer title, something about the demise of the drama queen went without notice or something about basically begging for attention in all the wrong ways and for all all the wrong reasons, but more cleverly worded. My titles have often been long, poems or stories even. Sometimes I even come up with the title first and work my way towards that in my art. This one, and all of the ones in this series, started from photographs that I took of some friends and family. I purposefully had them make dramatic emotional faces.

Thinking about this really makes me want to get back to this series! hmmmm… food for thought.

Playing Favorites: Assemblege

In Seth’s second set of questions it looks like he asked artists to pick out their favorite art peices (that they have created) within a number of different categories. He says to “Imagine a museum filled with the work of all your favorite artists working in all your favorite artistic mediums. Now imagine that every piece of artwork has been hand chosen by each artist as their absolute favorites. Then imagine that printed by each piece of art is an explanation written by the artist detailing their selection.”  So with that, here is My Playing Favorites. First up: Assemblage (click to see other artist’s favorite picks, some VERY cool art is represented here.)

Artfest: Michael DeMeng Class

I haven’t done a ton of assemblege so I think my favorite is my most recent. This was created in Michael DeMeng’s class at artfest 2008 and I talk more in detail about the experience here.

The Pulse: Go-to blog and websites

Continuing with Seth’s previous pulse questions here is my go-to blog and go-to website

I have a ton of feeds on my google reader right now, so picking just one blog is tough. One of the things I do like to do is check out the favorite blogs of other people… often I end up on a trail of interesting blogs and get lost for hours in exploring. One that I found recently that is great for this time wasting activity is Quilting Bloggers.

Websites I always go to is easier. Flickr is at the top of my list, to see pictures from family and friends as well as participate in photo and art communities and challenges.


Continuing with Seth’s Questions from the Pulse: ONE ARTIST THAT INSPIRES ME IS

Currently I think I would have to say that Jen Worden inspires me the most right now for several reasons.

1) She hosts challenges. over the past several years she has hosted different challenges in different places and I always give them a try. They help keep me going to my studio and making stuff!

two) She also is a triathlete, something that I am aspiring to myself.

III) She makes the coolest stuff that is way different from mine and is part of a design team. (I am not really sure what a design team is… but it sounds cool)


Seth from the Altered Page has gathered some of my favorite online artists and asked them some questions about their art and their process, figuratively taking The Pulse of the online arts community. So far he has done this twice, each time posing different questions to different artists. Today I noticed that he was preparing for another round of the game. I quickly emailed him and asked to play along. I was tickled when he invited me to play and said, “I have been to your blog many times and love the work you do — so much variety in so many media.” 

While he prepares for the August edition of The Pulse, and I gather my thoughts on the current round of questions, he is sharing a walk though memory lane by reviewing past answers. I thought it would be fun to consider some of these questions for myself as well. I have been searching for a little bit of direction and inspiration these days, so why not? (click on the question if you want to see what other artists, like my friends Bridgette Guerzon Mills,  Jen Worden and Teesha Moore had to say on the subjects.)

IF I COULD TAKE A CLASS FROM ONE ARTIST FROM ANYTIME IN HISTORY, INCLUDING TODAY, IT WOULD BE… One of the great things about being a teacher is that I have to do professional development all the time. I am literally required to take classes. Although most of these have to be educationally related, I purposefully include art classes as well. So over the years I have taken many fun classes from people like Michael DeMeng, and attended lectures by the likes of Nick Bantock. I think that if I could reach back in time Dali would be a top choice. He is so insane! and he also did artwork in a variety of mediums including film and photography (two of my favorites!) I would also like to learn really wonderful swirls and patterns from Klimt. Of living artists I really want to experience working with Anahata Katkin and Traci Bautista.

desk making paper for tags

5 THINGS ON MY STUDIO TABLE RIGHT NOW INCLUDE… Besides being a BIG mess that needs cleaning once again, my collage table hasn’t seen much use lately, which is why it needs cleaning. It currently has, among other things, some new scissors, three mugs full of special edge scissors, an old map to cover the surface and protect it from paint stains…which then will be used as a background of something eventually, some special golden acrylic texture bases that I should use or give to my friend Amy who would actually use them and my Artfest 2008 button.