My Favorite Sites of 2006

art propensity Chosen for TOP TEN, not only because she is really coming into her own style with her dolls, but also because her web site is really top notch. Patricia Anders,  claiming my propensity for art on this spec of the world wide web where I weave my work into galleries of:  figurative sculpture, art dolls, “Diva Dollie” jewelry sets, and flat art

DJ Pettitt Chosen for TOP TEN, because I LOVE and WANT one of her fantastic purses. Creating artwork using original photographs and drawings, vintage ephemera, found objects, newly painted papers, and recycled papers. Substrates include stretched and unstretched canvas, Stonehenge and watercolor paper, recycled book covers, and fabric, all treated with a variety of polymer mediums, acrylic paint, glazes, and colored pencil. Original images are created using a combination of digital and traditional collage methods.

Keith lobue Mixed media, Chosen for TOP TEN, not only for his artwork, but also for his amazing web site! Keith E. Lo Bue’s work with found objects gave rise in October of 1989 to his first solo exhibition, entitled Oddments. In the ensuing years his work has evolved into minute constructed environments, oftentimes viewed through lenses, that have been called “diminutive museums, reliquaries of dreams.” (Raymond Smith) His art has been recognized and selected for awards by Senior Curators at the Museum Of Modern Art, the Guggenheim Museum and the American Craft Museum. Solo exhibitions have occurred in New York City, Chicago, Baltimore, Westport, CT and several other cities.

Kirsten Francis Printmaker Chosen for TOP TEN, because I have LOVED this artist since I saw her work at the Bellevue Fair YEARS ago. Here method of printmaking is inspiring and her subjects are deep and filled with symbolism. Woodblock Print Creation Process I use the color reduction printmaking technique, whereas only one woodblock is used to print successive layers or runs of color. I begin by drawing directly onto the plywood block with pencil and fixing the image with a spray varnish.
Each run of  color is then made by repeatedly carving out additional areas of the wood block,  rolling the block up with an oil-based ink, and then printing it on to paper  using an etching press in my home studio. I build up the image, layer upon  layer, starting with the lightest colored inks and progressing to the darkest. I  usually print 8 runs using between 8 and 13 different colors.


Off the Hook Studios, Art by Jami Moffett what can I say I just love this site.