WIP Beaded Journal Project

jan 2010 WIP Beaded Journal Project

The Beaded Journal Project has begun again. The third round of this amazing project begins with January 2010 and will end in December. The goal is to make a beaded work of art that is a visual journal representing that month. You can read more about the project at the website. This year there are hundreds of people participating. I am part of blog #3 along with 100 others.

So this is my January page in progress. Last year, I did alter style pages that were big (8″x 10″) and an odd size, which is making it difficult to finish them off in a professional looking manner. But it will be done, eventually! Meanwhile I move on. This year I thought about a doll shape either flat or 3-D. But I decided that would be pushing it again. Last year was really my first exposure to beading and it was a wonderful challenge. I decided on a small (4″x6″) size and a basic postcard shape. I learned quite a few things from Robin in her class, so these are not multiple layers with batting (like last year’s, which added to the complication of finishing.) Instead just a simple piece of paper backs the fabric.

I chose “Journey” for my guiding word for 2010, so these pages will hopefully be in tune with that word as well. But I have also been very interested in the tree as a symbol lately. I like the idea of growth, the protection of bark, the stability of roots, and even the element of annual life, death, hibernation and rebirth. This month’s page represents that symbol.

I still have quite a bit that I want to do on this page, but it is moving along smoothly.


5 thoughts on “WIP Beaded Journal Project

  1. Sharon M.

    Love the Rhinestones as the basis for your tree trunk. And, I like your guiding word Journey, I think you will come up with some amazing pieces this year. How is the 4 x 6 size working out for you? This is my first year in BJP so I chose 4 x 6 too, didnt want to get overwhelmed.

  2. Robin Atkins

    4X6 worked soooo well for me the past two years, I hope you’ll like it too!!! And Sheba, I’m just in awe of your beading… There’s something both sensual and spritual about this tree that comes forward strongly to me. And “Journey”… that is an awesome theme. With that at the helm, how can you not move forward in many areas through this project? I soooooooo look forward to seeing more!

    Robin A.

  3. Marty S

    I really like this. The beads compliment the fabric so well. It looks like it is two different fabrics. How did you put them together?
    Marty S
    Crackpot Beader

  4. Shirley Cook

    This piece is looking very lovely! The background fabric you’ve chosen is making me drool, too.

    I’m a leaf and tree lover – as one could probably tell if they visited my blog or etsy shops. I’m really looking forward to seeing the finished piece!

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