Summer Challenge


(An example of some of the art I do for my classroom, a FUN line doodle assignment. This one is with oil pastels and water color paint on water color paper.)

School is starting to wrap up and I will finally have some time to get into the studio to make some art. But I am still struggling with inspiration. SO I am asking for YOUR help!

Starting on June 28th I am going to do 30 days of one-word prompts. I will pull a word from a hat and then make a small fabric or paper art collage related to that word. The goal will be for the work to be finished within that day, but I will leave work open to additional time if needed. The main goal will be to get into the studio and work for a solid block of time each day during my summer vacation.

Send me some words! Looking for things like concepts, places, and emotions. This year my guiding word is “journey” so I would be happy for any of the words to fit within that theme, but that is not required. I haven’t decided what I will do with the work once I am done, or if I will keep to a standard size. BUT I will do a PRIZE drawing from all the comments on this post for ONE of the finished pieces at the end of July.

Post your words in the comments section below.